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We specialize in events!


We have a separate division dedicated especially to corporate and special events.  Please contact us for details of a private corporate event in our adventure base in Istanbul.  Our games are designed to build on corporate objectives such as ice breaking, group puzzles, as well as having fun!

Our founder is a qualified psychologist who specialized and practiced in organizational (work) psychology.  He used these skills coupled with a broad commercial background to consult for many companies over his career.  He brings these skills to our Escape Hunt corporate challenges to make something truly unique.

The idea is learning through play.  Our games focus on teamwork, leadership, personal motivation, team structure, empowerment, initiative building, ongoing corporate and individual improvement.  We use game-play to challenge people individually and in group settings.

How it Works:
A typical corporate session is usually a 3 hour event where you:

  • Play our world famous escape games in the rooms in groups of 2 to 5 players per room (60 mins).
  • Break to relax and have tea and biscuits (30 mins).
  • Play another game (60 mins)
  • De-brief and close (30 mins).

Group Size:

We are able to accommodate up to 30 people at a time in our 6 indoor game rooms.


The Escape Hunt Experience is the perfect venue for a social event. Each branch has a comfortable lounge and can tailor an event for you, whatever your needs. The branch can either take your regular booking or set aside the space for you in a dedicated fashion so that you have the whole place to yourself.

Typical social events are:

  • After work fun
  • Friends challenge
  • Big family reunion
  • Birthday party
  • Couple proposal
  • Stag or hen night

Unlike corporate events where there is a more organized agenda, social events can be tailored to a flexible program and normally involve playing games and then relaxing in the lounge afterwards.


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